Pest Control


Peak Traders is a pioneer Company In "pest control using hygiene chemicals".

Pest Control Services Offered

General Pest Control

General Pest Control

» Peak Traders is pioneer company in General Pest Control service using hygiene chemicals. It is spray service to control pest.
» Hygienic, smell free and latest chemicals.
» WHO and CIB approved chemical in our GPC services.
» Safe and recommended dose.
» Broad spectrum & Round clock effectiveness.

Gel Treatment

»  We offer gel treatment for controlling cockroaches in sensitive areas, like kitchen, food processing units, bakery and other areas where spray is not possible. 
» Cost effective and long lasting.
» Hassle-free service for cockroaches control.
» ​No need to empty the area.

Anti-Termite Treatment

»   We offer  Pre-construction and post construction anti- termite services.
» Smell free and latest chemicals for treatment.
» CIB approved chemical in our services.
» ​Environmentally Safe and re commended dose.

Main Features and Advantage of Our Services
» Odorless
» Residual Efficacy
» Safe at recommended dose
» Stainless
» Broad Spectrum
» Chemicals used carry W.H.O. & 
     HASSAP evaluation
» Experience of over 13 years.

A wide range of satisfied customers in Delhi - NCR.

Grass Seeds

Grass seeds is a cost effective way to develop quality turf.

Peak Traders offers quality grass seeds for various applications.

» For Golf Courses
» For Sports Fields
» For Lawns
» For Erosion Control

Various kinds of grass seeds offered by Peak Traders are:

Bermuda grass seeds, Quality Certified


Perennial Rye grass seeds,    Quality Certified


Warm season grass seeds


Cool season grass seeds


Grass seeds for erosion control

Many top institutes choose Peak Traders for their grass seed requirements.

 Waste Management

Lake and pond clarifier

We have excellent experience in clarifying Lake by improving water clarity, reduce odors and restore natural balance to the ecosystem. We use bio-remediation. These natural microbial strains quickly populate the target area and break down excessive organic matter and nutrient run-off. The method is biodegradable, non-toxic to humans, fish, wildlife and beneficial aquatic organisms.


» Fast acting, natural solution.
» Reduces odors and improves water          clarity.
» Effective in broad water pH range.
» Biodegradable and non-toxic to                  humans, fish, beneficial aquatic                organisms and wildlife.

Used at heritage sites to restore ecological balance of water bodies.